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Our experienced attorneys and claims staff are dedicated to assisting injured clients in recovering from their injuries physically, emotionally and financially.


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Auto Insurance Company Offer: To Accept or Not to Accept?

When you’ve been in a collision, especially if there’s been bodily injury, you’re probably ready to just get the whole process over with and see some money in your pocket. Did the insurance company make you a fair offer? Do you have to accept it? In many cases, insurers will offer much less than you [...]

How Much Uninsured/Underinsured Auto Coverage Do You Need?

Having adequate auto insurance is a must, especially if you and your family are on the road as often as we are! Do you want to know what the most important coverage in your policy is? Uninsured/Underinsurance. If you pull out your policy, you’ll find the details about this in Parts 3 and 12. Why [...]

Do You Need Optional Bodily Injury Coverage In Your Auto Policy?

We never want to think about it, but what if we’re the ones who cause someone else bodily injury with our vehicle? Does your auto insurance policy cover that? Pull out your auto policy and check out “Part 5” where you’ll find your Optional Bodily Injury Coverage. This coverage pays for injuries to others caused [...]

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Your Auto Insurance Policy and Medical Payments: What You Need to Know

Even though we hope it’s only the vehicle that’s damaged in a collision, we know that all too often the driver and passengers don’t walk away unscathed. If you already have decent Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, you might be wondering why you also need Medical Payment coverage. Take a look at “Part 6” of [...]

Auto Insurance and Personal Injury Protection Explained

At the Personal Injury Law Center, we believe you should know the immediate changes you need to make in your policy to insure that you and your family are adequately protected. Have you taken a look at your personal injury protection lately? If not, go to “Part 2” of your auto coverage selections documents. PIP [...]